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Cayden: When spotting his senior, a smile grew to his lips. "Hey, Nat! Wait up~" Catching up, he rounded her so he could stand in front of him, his hands behind his back.







Natalia jumped at the sound of his voice, spinning around to see Cayden before her. “O-oh!…Hello, Cayden…” She looked down, rubbing her head. “What’s up?”

"Yeah, I’m pretty sure…." Nat ducked her head down so he didn’t have to see her twisting expression.

"Well, I hope one day I can be of some service." His arms tightened around her. "Okay, well…I may not be able to help because you probably don’t want to share what it is that bothers you…" he knew he wasnt ready to share his past too well. "You’re always welcome to use if you need hugs or just a good cry."

"Well I don’t mind having a hug like this…" Nat muttered, holding him a little closer. "I can always use one of these…."

"Then I am always open for hugs," he smiled. He actually really liked them himself as well. He felt he could never get enough.  It reminded him of how much he’d always cling to his older sister when he was a child.  

Thinking about her and with the two just having wash after wash of emotions only caused him to spiral a little bit.

Nat dug her hands into his back, letting out a held in sigh. “This….this feels good…helpful even….at least for now.”

"It does…" he agreed. His arms tightened, bringing his face into her hair. "I miss getting hugs like this."

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Ria: Coming home from searching for jobs, she was excited to share the news with her sisters and boyfriend. Upon entering their new apartment, she began to should their names to gather their attention.







Vincent was playing with Maddy, finally getting used to putting the dollies to sleep. They were about to wake up when he heard Ria return. With a smile, he grabbed Maddy and carried her down stairs, swinging her around a little to make her laugh and smile. “Hey there, honey!”

"That still doesn’t seem right. You should have the opportunity to chose!" He looked down. "Or is that not how these sort of jobs work?" He truly didn’t know. He was still just a sheltered rich boy.

She shook her head. “No. Unlike you spoiled little boy…born with a silver spoon in your mouth, us common folk have to go through the levels to make it to where you are.”  She lightly laughed from how naive Vince was.

He flushed a little, ducking his head down. “Well, I apologize for the misunderstanding…Now at least I know.”

Ria gave more of an audible laugh. Reaching out, she tapped his cheek. “It’s okay, hun. I was only teasing you as well.”

He blinked again. “Oh…” He still needed to get better at recognizing that. “I’m still..working on that….” Vince flushed.

"Thats good." She smiled. Looking over to her sisters, they had been watching the two older ones before them. "So, now that I’m working again, it’s going to be the two of you once more, but I shall be home more often for a while."

"Does that mean you’ll get to play with us?" Maddy added, happy in knowing her sister could spend more time.

Ria bent down to be on level with the younger one. “Of course! Maybe soon we can explore the town and see where all the good spots are.”  She reached her arms out and pulled the blonde in grasp, beginning to cover her with kisses.

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Since being discharged, Ria didn't want to risk even stepping foot on military soil. With being back in town, she went over and decided to visit her old friend. Giving a knock on the door to his apartment, she could only hope Leeland was home.


Lucky for her, Leeland was home, just wandering around and cleaning house. It was often he did such a thing but he thought that would be a nice surprise for later. When he heard the door, he stopped and dropped the cloth he held. Placing it on the counter, he hobbled over to the door to open it, surprised to see Ria there. “Oh…hey there, Ria…”

Holding a smile, it was quite different in seeing Leeland wearing common clothes over his military uniform. Furthermore, Ria was doing the same. “Long time no see, stranger. Mind if I come in, or is your little girlfriend home?”

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